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Chapter 1
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Accel World Manga - Volume 1 Cover
Chapter Information
width=25% | Volume || colspan="3" width=75% | Volume 1
width=25% | Arc || colspan="3" width=75% | Return of the Black Snow Princess Arc
width=25% | Episodes || colspan="3" width=75% | Episode 1
width=25% | Release Date || colspan="3" width=75% | April 10, 2010 (Japanese)
November 10, 2010 (English)
width=25% | Character(s) Debut || colspan="3" width=75% | Kuroyukihime
Haruyuki Arita
Chiyuri Kurashima
Takumu Mayuzumi
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Chapter 2


Haruyuki Arita receives mail from Araya during class. It states that Haru must bring food for him and bring it to him on top of the roof. After giving them the food, Haru becomes hungry, but is unable to buy anything to eat since he spent it all on Araya and his gang. So, he decides to use his Neuro Linker in order to connect onto the school's network. He connects on and runs into Kuroyukihime for the first time, admiring her avatar's beauty. Haru enters the squash game and is interrupted by his friend, Chiyuri Kurashima. Worrying for him, she logs herself out and Haru in order to give him sandwiches that she made. However, Haru thinks she is just pitying him and knocks it all down. He then proceeds to run away and reconnects back onto the school's network. After returning to the squash game, he is shocked that someone had beat his high score. He then once again meets Kuroyukihime who asks him if he would like to accelerate to the next level.

The following day, he comes to meet Kuroyukihime who had asked him to the previous day. He sits down with Kuroyukihime who then proceeds to do a Direct Wired Connection which shocks everybody in the room. Kuroyukihime sends Haru the Brain Burst program which would change his entire reality. The program successfully installs, but Haru is then interrupted by the sudden appearance of Araya.

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