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Chapter 2
Accel World Manga - Volume 1 Cover
Chapter Information
Volume Volume 1
Arc Return of the Black Snow Princess Arc
Release Date July 10, 2010 (Japanese)
December 20, 2010 (English)
Character(s) Debut Ash Roller
Chapter Navigation
Chapter 1
Chapter 3


Haruyuki is interrupted by Araya, telling him that he didn't meet up to give him food for himself and his friends. Kuroyukihime then interrupts and baits Araya into hitting Haru, just as Haru is about to get hit, she tells him to say "Burst Link". With this, Kuroyukihime explains to Haru about the program known as Brain Burst and how it works. Kuroyukihime tells him that he needs to use this punch to his advantage, to stop him from being bullied by Ariya, and make his life easier. Telling him to "Burst Out", Haru gets hit and flies into Kuroyukihime, which causes Araya to get caught and arrested. Kuroyukihime then gives Haru a warning to not take off his Neuro Linker and not to connect to the Global Net until she sees him again the next day. Haru meets Chiyu at the school gates and walks home with her, meeting Takumu along the way home. That night Haru has a bad dream, which has him wanting to escape from bullying and the pity of his friends.

The next day, Haru accidently connects to the Global Net so that his mother can give him lunch money. As he leaves his apartment building, he is challenged by another Burst Linker.

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