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Chapter 3
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Accel World Manga - Volume 1 Cover
Chapter Information
width=25% | Volume || colspan="3" width=75% | Volume 1
width=25% | Arc || colspan="3" width=75% | Return of the Black Snow Princess Arc
width=25% | Release Date || colspan="3" width=75% | December, 2010 (Japanese)
February 6, 2011 (English)
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Chapter 4


Haruyuki suddenly appears in the Accelerated World, not know how he got there, noticing himself in a reflection he sees his avatar, «Silver Crow». He has been challenged by Ash Roller, another Burst Linker, who then starts chasing him on his motorbike. Haruyuki loses and tells Kuroyukihime about his experience where she laughs at how fast he lost the duel. Kuroyukihime then explains to Haru that Burst Linkers fight so that they can Accelerate. Kuroyukihime then asks Haru to Accelerate with her, so that she can see his Duel Avatar. Haruyuki pledges himself to Kuroyukihime, telling her that he will fight for her, and in time, help her beat all her enemies. Kuroyukihime then teaches Haruyuki how to fight. After finishing teaching Haruyuki how to fight, Megumi asks Kuroyukihime about her relation with Haruyuki, which she replied saying she confessed, and he turned her down. After school, Kuroyukihime and Haruyuki head towards the school gate, with Kuroyukihime telling Haruyuki good luck as he goes to challenge Ash Roller.

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