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Air Date

May 18, 2012 (Japanese)
May 31, 2013 (English)


Elements (Side Stories) Arc

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Restoration (Shūfuku 修復) is the seventh episode of the Accel World Anime. It aired May 18th 2012 in Japan.

Summary Edit

As Kuroyukihime suddenly challenges Takumu to a match, confronting him about his intention to quit kendo and eventually uninstall Brain Burst, Aqua Current agrees to join Haru until he can get his points up to 50 and enters a tag match with him. As Kuroyukihime teaches Takumu to stop feeling guilty and trust his friends more, Haru and Current manage to work together to win their match, getting his points back up to 54. Just then, Current challenges Haru to a match with the intention of taking all his points. As Haru shows he is still willing to believe in her and doesn't fight back, she reveals she was lying, telling him to treasure his friends before erasing his memory of her. The next day, Takumu transfers into Haru and Chiyuri's school wearing glasses, hoping to see the true world with his own eyes.

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