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The Dusk Robber, The Twilight Marauder (Yen Press)

夕闇の略奪者, Yūyami no Ryakudatsusya

Volume 03 Cover
Volume Information
Volume Volume 03
Release Date October 10, 2009
ISBN-10 ISBN 4048680706
ISBN-13 ISBN 978-4-04-868070-7
Number of Pages 343
Cover Character/s Kuroyukihime
Release Date (NA) March 24, 2015
ISBN-10 (NA) ISBN 0316296376
ISBN-13 (NA) ISBN 978-0316296373
Number of Pages (NA) 256
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The Dusk Robber (夕闇の略奪者, Yūyami no Ryakudatsusya) is the third volumes of the Accel World Light Novel series by Reki Kawahara.


Haruyuki, Takumu, Chiyuri and Kuroyukihime have started their new year at Umesato Junior High. Chiyuri has just become a Burst Linker, and shows them her avatar «Lime Bell». However, not all is relaxing at Umesato this year, as a freshman joining the school castes appears to have mastered the art of using acceleration in everyday life. This mysterious student controls the warped duel avatar known as Dusk Taker and conceals himself from the matching list through unknown means. In an attempt to confront this new potential threat, Haruyuki has something of great importance stolen from him. His only course of action is...

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