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Accel World Original Soundtrack feat. Hiroyuki Ooshima is the first soundtrack released for the Accel World anime and contains all the tracks composed by Hiroyuki Ooshima. It was released on July 25, 2012.


Track Name (Japanese) Name (English) Usage
01 シルバー・ウイング Silver Wing Silver Crow's theme
02 クリア・デイズ Clear Days Episode 2 -
03 プラム・スクエアー Plum Square
04 レッド・シグナル Red Signal Episode 1 - Virtual Squash Game (last part only)
05 ヴァーミリオン・フィールド Vermilion Field Episode 1~2 - Vs. Ash Roller (first part only)
06 カフェ・ラウンジ Cafe Lounge
07 ホワイト・エアー White Air
08 ピア・ピクチャー Pear Picture
09 グレー・サスピション Grey Suspicion
10 ブラッド・ヒストリー Blood History
11 ガラス・メモリー Glass Memory
12 リーフ・シーズン Leaf Season
13 ブルース・ピッグ Blues Pig
14 ハニー・トラップ Honey Trap
15 スカーレット・プリンセス Scarlet Princess Scarlet Rain's theme
16 イエロー・サーカス Yellow Circus Yellow Circus's theme
17 ダズル・イリュージョン Dazzle Illusion
18 ブラック・アウト Black Out
19 セラミック・ハート Ceramic Heart Episode 2 -
20 スカイ・ドリーム Sky Dream Sky Raker's theme
21 アイアン・ウィル Iron Will
22 レインボー・オーロラ Rainbow Aurora Episode 12 - Ending Theme
23 ゴールデン・グローリー Golden Glory Episode 24 - Credits Theme
24 Re-incarnate (EX) Re-incarnate (EX) Accel World image song


Hiroyuki Ooshima's songs make use of several motifs to represent certain themes:

  • Haruyuki/Silver Crow's motif - Silver Wing, Clear Days, Vermilion Field, Pear Picture, Iron Will
  • Nega Nebulus/"past" motif - Blood History, Ceramic Heart, Sky Dream

Glass Memory combines Haruyuki's motif and the "past" motif. Re-incarnate is based on the "past" motif as well.


  • The first song on the soundtrack, Silver Wing, is used as the theme song for Silver Crow. The main motif in this song appears in other songs, such as Vermilion Field and Iron Will. When Vermilion Field plays during Crow and Roller's first battle, however, the anime only uses the first half of the song, without moving into the Silver Wing motif, because Crow hadn't truly "become" Silver Crow at the time.
  • Blood History and Golden Glory have Latin words to them.

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