Hi and welcome to the Accel World Wiki, the internet site that anyone can edit. We're gonna tell you all the stuff about Accel World, so please read this page before you are making any edits, thank you.



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We are trying to become one of the best wiki's around wikia and the #1 source about everything related to the Accel World series. We try to gather the latest information about the series, such as characters, novel chapters etc. Another major goal for this wiki is to gather high quality content pages, that is both enjoyable for us and for the contributors and visitors.


We see the Accel World Wiki as a gathered source of information about the series itself. We are trying to gather information and update them to the wiki. We have a vision that we can come out as the most popular wiki, only if we can do our best.

Future Administrators

See also: Accel World Wiki:Future Administrators Policy

For ones who are determinate to become future administrators, read the future administrator policy on how you should behave as a future administrator.

I hope you can help us out to improve this wiki much more further than anyone else, happy editing.

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