This is a policy about chatting at the Accel World Wiki, please follow this policy to prevent banning.

Rules Edit

  • The contributors must not scold another user in the chat room.
  • The contributor must not advertise, sell or bet thing with other contributors.
  • There will be no phone number exchanging or bank card exchanging.
  • There will be no free giveaway promises.
  • Do not exchange your zip code and your house number.
  • No illegal download discussion.
  • No discussion about how to get templates, mediawiki codes etc.
  • No inappropriate discussion, such as racial/sexual/homophobic discussions.
  • No video or voice chats allowed.
  • Do not ask others e-mails.
  • No clan discussion, like: User: Hey do you want to join our group.
  • Do not try to find someone through this chat.
  • No flaming another contributor, like: User: User2 hacks don't talk to him!! or User: User1 such a *censored*.
  • No flooding, like:
    • User 1: Do
    • User 1: Not
    • User 1: Write
    • User 1: Like
    • User 1: This
  • No repeating, like:
    • User 1: Do anyone know why the character pages must not be created yet?
    • User 1: Do anyone know why the character pages must not be created yet??
    • User 1: Do anyone know why the character pages must not be created yet T_T??
  • No excess caps, like: User 1: DO ANYONE CAN TELL ME HOW TO EDIT AT THIS WIKI!!!.
  • No character spamming, like: User 1: ohhh my god I like kuroyyyyyyyuuuuuuukkkkkkkiiiiiiiihhhhhhhiiiiiiimmmmmmmmmmeeeeee!!!!!!!
  • Please talk English to each other instead of a other language.
  • No script evasion, like: I h@te H@r_^ki.
  • No any false report, like: User 2: Guyss!!! great news!!!! Accel World will get a second and third season!!!
  • Do not act like a grammar nazi everyone got their own message talking like:
    • User 1: OMG this Wiki is so awesome of what!!
    • User 2: You say it as "Oh my god! Is this wiki awesome or what!".

Happy talking to each other.

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