This is the image policy of the Accel World Wiki, please follow the rules to prevent blocking and deleting of your images.

Image Policy Edit

  • Upload only PNG images, JPG or GIF images are forbidden to upload at this wiki due to the quality and page disturbance. If there is a JPG image uploaded, it will be deleted.
  • Do not upload fan art images due that most of them are copyrighted.
  • Do not upload unrelated images, not evenly on your own user page, the image will be directly deleted. If you are insulting or making a discussion why, you will be blocked for a year.
  • Do not upload harem or hentai images, you will be blocked directly.
  • Do not give unusual name to the image you upload such as: jdfjdheurjyhr.png or jgfjkfgkskjs.jpg or related to that, the image will be directly deleted and not renamed.
  • Do not give harem or hentai titles such as (censored): Haruyuki f**** Kuroyukihime.jpg or an unrelated one, Natsu and Lucy having s**.jpg. The images will be deleted + you will be banned for a whole year and continues.
  • Do not edit your pictures, such as giving them a extra quality. Each image must be uploaded on it's true nature.
  • Translate Images ARE allowed, however RAW images are preferred.

Adding the Fair use templates Edit

If you're uploading image, please use the fair use templates to cover up copyrighted images. Evenly if you don't know how, then you can follow it up here:

Fair use Rationale Edit

{{Fair use rationale
| Description       = (information about the image).
| Source            = (which chapter or episode the image comes from).
| Portion           = (series and creator of the original image).
| Purpose           = (to illustrate a background or character or etc).
| Resolution        = (the quality of a picture).
| Replaceability    = (if the image is replaceable).

Licensing Edit

Tv-screenshots Edit

{{Fair use|tv-screenshot}}: (for every television screenshot that has been uploaded).
{{Fair use|comic}}: (for every screenshot that are coming from the manga series that has been uploaded).
{{Fair use|dvd-cover}}: (for every screenshot of DVD covers from the series that has been uploaded).
{{Fair use|game-cover}}: (for every screenshot of Game covers from the series that has been uploaded).
{{Fair use|game-screenshot}}: (for every game screenshot from the series that has been uploaded).
{{Fair use|logo}}: (for every logo from the series that has been uploaded). 

Note Edit

  • If you're using one of the fair use templates, then you must add a header named == Licensing : == above them.
  • If you do not specify a category it will default to a generic Fair use description for all things which do not fit within the categories but are fair use.

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