This is the Media Policy of the Accel World Wiki on how to create and edit a article page with media content within it. Please follow it.

Media Edit

Media article pages are article pages containing: Episode pages, chapter pages, volume pages, novel pages, manga pages, character book pages, series accessories, video games, OVA's, Trading Card Game information, related series pages etc. They all must be written in a certain way which means that you must be alerted if you make a mistake.

Episode Pages Edit

The episode pages must be created on a very different way than other pages. The way that they must be design gotta be unique, which as followed. The infobox standard and images. The images must be a PNG file and must be put on 250px. We are following the left-to-right policy, which means that we are putting the images first to the left instead to the right because the infobox is already at the right side of the media page. We are also using the header == Credits == for the Seiyū's of the series who are voicing the characters.

Novel Pages Edit

The novel pages can be created on a different way than the episode pages, because the novel chapters aren't titled. To create a novel page, the starting title must be "Accel World Novel 01". The chapters withing the novel page can be written under the header: == Chapters ===. Due that the chapters also doesn't have no title, you can always put "Accel World Novel: Chapter 01". And at last you can write a summary about the chapter, which you can write that on your own or you can take it from the novel series.

Volume Pages Edit

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