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Cobalt Blade

Cobalt Blade

(コバルト・ブレード, Kobaruto Burēdo)

  • Uchikoto Takano

Character Outline


Gender Female Female


Manganese Blade



Character Network


Cobalt Blade



Voice Actors


Misato Fukuen


Amanda C. Miller



Volume 6


Accel World Episode 6

Appears in

Light Novel, Anime only


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Cobalt Blade (コバルト・ブレード, Kobaruto Burēdo) is one of the twin Level 7 Burst Linkers who are close aides of the Blue King and is also a member of the Blue Legion, Leonids. Her real name is Uchikoto Takano.[1]


Cobalt Blade is very loyal to Blue Knight and has a crush on him.


In the past, Sky Raker once hanged Cobalt Blade along with Manganese Blade from the top of the Tokyo Government Office which humilated the both of them.


A girl with average height. Like her twin, she has a large bust and long, black hair but her hair is tied in twintail fashion.

Plot OutlineEdit

Return of the Black Snow Princess (Side Story)Edit

Main article: Elements (Side Stories) Arc Cobalt Blade and Manganese Blade are seen beating up Cyan Pile after hearing his intentions to leave the Blue Legion and join Nega Nebulus, but she and Manganese are later stopped by the Blue King who allows Cyan Pile to do as he wishes for reasons unknown.


Cobalt BladeEdit

Cobalt Blade's appearance is based off of a samurai. Her body is mostly blue in tune with her legion. She has on a typical samurai armor set including the helmet which also has two ponytails extending out of it, shoulder guards and hip guards. She also has a blade which she usually carries with her.


Cobalt Blade appears to be an expert swordswoman as seen when she briefly attacked Cyan Pile. Her level and position in the legion is a testament of her skills in close-range combat and as a fighter.


  •  Cobalt Blade's name is also the name from Jetix's Hit TV Series Battle B-Daman, a B-Daman named Cobalt Blade.


  1. Accel World Light Novel Volume 18

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