Graphite Edge (グラファイト・エッジ, Gurafaito Ejji) is a Level 8 Burst Linker associated with the element of earth and a member of Nega Nebulus before Black Lotus' disappearance.

He is an Originator.

Personality Edit

He likes to give other nicknames and has a personality akin to a child.

Background Edit

He was the "Earth" of the Elements, the elite, elemental-themed group of Burst Linkers belonging to Nega Nebulus. After Black Lotus reached Level 9 and the Certain Death Rule was revealed, Edge, who also had enough points to reach Level 9, decided against doing it.

According to Utai Shinomiya, he was stuck in an Infinite Enemy Kill at the northern gate of the Imperial Palace by Genbu and had been M.I.A since then.

It has been revealed he was already rescued and is currently the First Seat of the Six Layered Armor of Great Wall. His reason for joining them is because as a hostage deal with Green Grandee in exchange for providing protection for the surviving members of Nega Nebulus.

Appearance Edit

Graphite Edge has a round black head, not unlike a helmet. He has a long black coat with collars. He also carries two swords on his back.

Plot Outline Edit

In Volume 18, it was revealed that the reason for his defection is that he made a deal with Green Grandee. In exchange for joining Great Wall, Green Grandee would shelter the surviving Nega Nebulus members in the Shouts area. It is also revealed that he is also the parent of Azure Heir and is together with him inside the Imperial Palace in the Unlimited Field.

Avatar Edit

Graphite Edge Edit


Graphite Edge

Abilities Edit

  • Slant
  • Vertical Square
  • Vorpal Strike
  • Starbust Stream
  • The Eclipse
  • Elucidator

His skills in close combat are equal or even superior to Black Lotus, despite his defenses which are fragile. True to his namesake, his defense is so weak that even Ardor Maiden could defeat him in close combat[1].

Currently in possession of the Enhanced Armament «Lux and Umbra», both of his swords are made of Hyper Diamond, the hardest material in Accel World[1]. But durability of his swords allow him to block almost any physical attack including Lotus' all-cutting slashes[2], so that's the reason behind a nickname «Anomaly»[3].

According to Black Lotus, her three incarnate attacks, Vorpal Strike, Starburst Stream and The Eclipse, were learned from him.[1]

Trivia Edit

  • Since Graphite Edge has invited Azure Heir, who is possibly a member of the royal family, into the game, he may have connections with the royal family of Japan.
  • Fans have theoreticized that Graphite Edge is in fact Kirito himself, despite Reki Kawahara stating many times that Accel World and Sword Art Online are supposed to exist in different realities, albeit with some references here and there. However there is no concrete evidence that supports this statement.
    • Kuroyukihime learned Vorpal StrikeStarburst Stream and The Eclipse from Graphite Edge. Those moves are among Kirito's signature skills.
    • Edge's fighting style mirrors Kirito greatly, as mentioned by Kirito in Accel World vs. Sword Art Online: Millennium Twilight. Instead of confirming or denying this, Edge happily laughs it off as a coincidence.
    • His voice actor in Millennium Twilight is simply credited to ???, and his actual voice in the game is heavily altered. His behavior and similarity of base voice suggests several implications that his voice actor is in fact Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, the same as Kirito. Despite this, Graphite Edge's true identity (and voice actor from the game) remains a mystery.

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