Ivory Tower (アイボリー・タワー, Aiborii Tawaa) is a Burst Linker belonging to Oscillatory Universe.


Though his background is unknown, Ivory Tower appears to be a trusted aide to White Cosmos, as Tower appears at the second and third meetings of the Pure-Colored Kings in her stead.

Plot OutlineEdit

Ivory Tower appears at the second meeting of the Pure-Colored Kings in place of White Cosmos, and does so in a way that renders him nearly undetectable, even to the Kings assembled there. They introduce themselves very plainly.

At the third meeting, when Silver Crow is confirmed to not have the Calamity Armor in his possession anymore, Tower briefly attempts to ascertain the location of where Crow hid it, but is quickly cut off by Black Lotus.


Ivory Tower has a slender, ivory-colored figure and a simple armor design, and doesn't appear to carry any weapons. Their head, however, is tall and pointed, and there is a parting line on it, but no eyes or mouth can be made out.

Ivory Tower has never been depicted in full, so their appearance is unknown save for a diamond-shaped, pointed head with a slit for glowing white eyes (there might only be one eye). There also appears to be a golden insignia above the eye slit.

Abilities Edit

It was stated by Metatron in Volume 17 that Ivory Tower's combat ability is inferior to the Kings,but his intellegence is abnormally high.

  • Under Cover - An Ability that allows him to reduce the presence of himself and others,this Ability can be enhanced even further using the Incarnate System which amplifies the effect to the point where ven the Kings and the System Display are fooled by the ability,this Ability is the reason why he can hide his true identity as Ivory Tower while acting using the name Black Vise.
  • Imaginary Time - AoE IS Skill which allows him to negate other Burst Linker's IS skills,the downside to this skill is that he can't target whose skill he wants to negate and only works on those near him.
  • Unknown Form Change Abillity - Ivory Tower can change into his Vise form and viceversa using an unknown ability that triggers when he uses either forms Ability,this was showcased when Leopard attacked Ivory Tower using Bloodshed Cannon and Ivory Tower retaliated using his Vise form's Layered Armor skill.

Enhanced Armament

  • The Luminary - White Cosmos's Seven Arc that was temporarily loaned to him for the Nega Nebulous vs Oscillatory Universe Territory War,it takes the shape of a scepter when he is using it as the Seven Arcs changes their shape depending on wields them.It has the ability to enslave Enemies by creating a crowns on them and controls them using it,the control on the Enemies can be either dispelled if the crown on the Enemies are destroyed or if controller's ownership of The Luminary gets negated by Citron Call Mode 2.

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