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See also: Media category This is a Media page about the Accel World series. Here is a list of which media they have.

  • Light Novel – The light novel is the major item that led Accel World for having a anime, video games and many more. The novel has been written by Reki Kawahara and illustrated by HiMA. The light novel has been published by ASCII Media Works and appeared in the Dengeki Bunko Magazine and got imprinted by Dengeki Bunko. As of June 2015, the series already has 18 volumes printed.
  • Manga – There are two manga versions of the manga series been adapted from the light novel Accel World, Acchel World. and Accel World / Dural: Magisa Garden, all three versions are written by Reki Kawahara but got illustrated by other artists. The original version got illustrated by Ryuryū Akari, Acchel World. series got illustrated by Hiroyuki Yoshino and the Magisa Garden series is illustrated by Sasakura Ayato. First 2 series got published in the Dengeki Bunko Magazine and serialized since May 2010 Volume, while Accel World / Dural: Magisa Garden serialized in Dengki Daioh since Volume March 2012. The original manga series is based on the light novel series and illustrate the events happened in the series. The Acchel World. series is a 4-koma based manga series that is based on what happened in the school network. The Accel World / Dural: Magisa Garden describe a side stories that have little relation (but no zero) with the original series. As of November 2013, The original version has released 4 volumes, Acchel World. 3 volumes and Magisa Garden 2 volumes.
  • Anime – The light novel series got adapted into an 24-episodes anime series that got directed by Masakazu Obara and written by Hiroyuki Yoshino by studio Sunrise. The anime series got licensed Viz Media and announced the streaming of the anime on Hulu. The networks contains Tokyo MX, MBS and UHF stations. The anime aired from April 6, 2012 until September 21, 2012.
  • Video Games – The series will be adapted into two video games, which one said to be created special for the PSP and the other one special for the Playstation 3. The title of the game will be Accel World Stage:01 Awakening of the Silver Wings which will be set on September 13, 2012. The other has yet to be confirmed.
  • Original Video Animation There are 2 episode of OVA bundled and sold together with special edition of the two video games mentioned above. The first OVA come together with the first game and the second with second. PSP special edition come together with the episode in DVD format while PS3 special edition's buyer will get a Blu-ray version.

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