She is one of the Duel Avatars who is a member of Great Wall & working under the Green King: Green Grandé.


She displays a little irritation to those that cause a problem. She does show a side of caring for her comrades to show an emotion of anger.


In Accel World: Infinite Burst, Suntan Schaefer & Iron Pound were defending an area while engaging agaisnt Ardor Maiden & Sky Raker. She tried to fight against Ardor Maiden, but she escaped her grasp, & change her target to Sky Raker who defeated Iron Pound, only to be defeated by being blasted into the air by a palm pressure force move.


Her Duel Avatar takes the form of a young humanoid with a pale face that has red eyes followed with yellow paint lining marks, & has disc ponytails off the sides with yellow ribbons. Her outfit is a Chinese Martial Arts style with a brown theme followed by a yellow lining & red ruby stones found in a pattern on her back, waist & one in the front below her chest, she also wears a gold gaunlet with a surface red ruby cover to act as a protective defensive & offensive weapon.


Base on her avatar figure, she is very much agile & acrobatic, & with sharp reflex mobility. She appears to be a fighter type in displaying martial art moves while assuming position before engaging in combat. Followed by the use of her weapon, a red ruby diamond gauntlet which shows she's a skilled fist-fighter.

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