Tin Writer is a character who appears in Brain Burst in his Duel Avatar form. He apparently maybe a bystander who watches Silver Crow's battles from afar.


Personality: Displays a high-level of intelligence & giving the description of a middle-age man. It's apparent that he is smart in certain fields of where his knowledge allows him to explain things younger Burst Linkers don't know about. For example, he figured out Silver Crow's method in defeating Ash Roller, & knowledge about what Silver Crow did to earn his wings, plus having been around to recognize the Black King when she appeared. He does show a kind side in which he respects others privacy to not reveal their real identities outside Brain Burst, showing he's a gentleman of sorts. He also seems to be into studying things like understanding Brain Burst, & also appears to enjoy having tea with his guest.


Duel Avatar Appearance:

Tin Writer

Appearing as a short midget metallic tin color robot. His body parts & limbs are all different shapes: feet, legs & arms are rectangular, half-circle hand with crescent thin robot fingers, a cylinder body with metal bolts appearing like a suit, & a square head with four bolts on the side spots. His face shows for the mouth piece, were white rectangle formation pattern acting as teeth, & wears gray square glasses. This gives the Duel Avatar the appearance of a smart techie, & carries with him a gray lab-top he almost always seems to work on.


Other Appearances:

Tin Writer appears in Accel World VS. Sword Art Online.

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