A new character that appeared in the film; 'Accel World: Infinite Burst', & played a certain role in the second half of the movie's main event. Her Duel Avatar is apparently label as Nitride Uncia...

Personality: A kind & innocent soul until the day her real body got injured, & her mind began to feel distant in living her life as a Burst Linker. She began to have doubts about such a world, & wished to destroy the online world that exist for Burst Linkers. But in the end, she began to have a change of view to return to the real world & her real body where she felt happy.


Appearance: A young teenage girl with brown ponytail hair, and emerald green eyes. Physically thin, and fit to appear athletic.



Nitride Uncia

Tsukiori Risa's Duel Avatar takes the appearance of a feline humanoid avatar look. The form and figure is a female snow leopard style with cat-like ears, and has long hair down to her backside. Has violet color inner cat-like ears, cat-like eyes, and chest pas on a light violet belly frame. She also appears to wear a heel-style at the bottom of her feet. She also has a silver-black string headband, and her outfit comes with a backless dress style attach to her avatar's fury theme.



  • Her Duel Avatar appears in Accel World VS. Sword Art Online where she reveals hints about meeting the Burst Linkers in Accel World: Infinite Burst film.

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