Was bored so I decided to translate some 2ch comments listed on one of those 2ch news aggregate sites, regarding people's thoughts about 16. A lot of it has to do with Metatron's breasts, so if you're turned off by that sort of thing you may want to stop reading

Source is wannabenews

Also, "mossaki" is the JP nickname for Kuroyukihime

Also, only half of it makes sense, I wasn't trying particularly hard

366        Burst Link!

367        Metatron-sama's heroine powers know no bounds!
But Synchro-Crow was way too powerful, having Meta-sama's armor upgrade, 7 HP bars & Toris'agion is totally cheating
Though I do kinda want to see a combo of this + calamity in the last volume... lol   
I wonder if they'll do a Four Gods vs Four Divinity Avatars after this or something?
407        >>367
Stuff with the ARS isn't over yet, and he said next volume would be new stuff,
So maybe the Imperial Castle strategy stuff is gonna be a while? There's been nothing about Graph yet
I, on the other hand, want to know what happened to the Okinawa group afterwards

369        In any case,
I want to bury myself in Metatron-sama's breasts
371        Metatron is too cute, she's overshadowing the actual heroines lolol
Also, good luck with your mining operation, Haru & Taku
381        >>371
IMO that scene was a little shocking, Takkun got rid of his good person professor skin.
I guess he's also a middle schooler in the springtime of his youth

372        Wow, that sure inflated!
Not that I have a problem with that, rofl
373        OK, now we change main heroines
374        I think Metatron-chan should maybe be the heroine at this point?

375        So about Chiyu's boobs getting bigger since the beginning of the story...
387        >>375
Probably puberty.
391        >>387
There are only about two characters who haven't seen any boob change since the beginning...
The xx King, and the xx King
393        >>391
Red is just getting started, but black probably lost all hope
405        >>393
There's hope for the Red King?
Since the Red King and the Black King both have flat chests,
I thought maybe the Purple King and the White King's chests were also pretty unfortunate...

376        Metatron-sama, you're my angel!
Does this mean his slave time is 1500 years now?
377        Geez, Senpai, Haruyuki-kun is cheating on you!
383        Haruyuki-kyun, you were with so many girls at the culture festival.
You're gonna start getting bullied again~
385        Even though she was in the title, Shiroyukihime just declared war and left, lol
By the way, who is the heroine of AW again...?
Also, Progressive's comicalization has been good, it's been a little different from the original story but I didn't mind it so much
Diabell was such a good character, though it's too bad that sentence had to be in past tense.
Also, Himura-san likes Argo a little too much lol

388        I'm so happy Metatron-sama didn't disappear!
Boobs, boobs!!
392        >>388
I was so sure at the time that she wouldn't disappear just a few minutes after making that contract, so I'm happy.
Boobs, boobs!
416        >>392
... (i couldn't even read this shit)

390        Archangel Metatron
Sun God Inti
I wonder who the last of the Four Divinities is.
Amaterasu seemed like it was a girl... maybe they're all female avatars? lol
401        >>390
Probably a goddess with a "sun" impression.
...Like Estanatrechi?
459        >>401
Maybe Kin'u or Hiderigami, or Taiyoushin?
Maybe she'll have that Chinese "~aru" accent?

394        About Meta-ko-san being called a "companion" (ryouhan) under those circumstances,
"Didn't I call you a servant at some point?"
409        >>394
I thought they had just gotten engaged,
but I looked up "companion" (ryouhan) = hanryou, and it didn't imply a male-female couple anywhere
414        >>409
It means more like a normal "companion", so the word does kinda fit, since they're both running towards the same goal.

398        About them diving into the neutral field for more than a day, Metatron had to wait two years and seven moths...
402        >>398
She probably experiences time differently from humans, so waiting one or two years shouldn't make her too mad... probably

400        He didn't appear this time at all, but his stocks totally exploded! Grandee △
* Color is pure green = BL, purely wished more than anyone else to protect his friends
* The fact that he's probably gotten to the Highest Level
* The other kings look at their own territory, but he looks at the accelerated world, and is opposing its rules by himself
406        >>400
Even among the other kings, his stocks' values are rising... Grandee-san knows no bounds rofl
On the other hand, Radio probably got manipulated by the ARS, so his value is decreasing.
404        Grandee-san is "harmony", he's stubborn, but he was raised through warfare, wasn't he?
I wonder... if there's a possibility he's collaborating behind the scenes
408        You know, it's also possible the Green King linked with one of the Four Divinities
415        >>408
It's so emotional to think about the Green King playing monster hunter all by himself and making friends with a big boss
You know, that huge turtle in Magisa Garden is kinda suspicious...
417        >>408
Maybe in order to save up BP, he snuck into the dungeon he got the Strife in and went to the boss's second form like Metatron.
And maybe he beat that too, and is connected to that Divinity...
I feel like if Grandee-san did something like that, no one would be surprised.

410        Rah is coming!
418        >>410
The sun god's power is decided by the total value of the Enemies sacrificed to it. Originally continuing the cycle of death and rebirth, he gets attacked by a ridiculous power attack when he is reborn, but for some reason his revival power is removed, and he lives a life under a different name (etc.

411        The White King's dummy avatar had a chest but I wonder if it's the same in real life
412        I kind of think that maybe the White King has dove into the highest level a bunch of times.
She just appeared in this book but gave off the sort of impression where that wouldn't be strange
419        What about Knight-san? Has Knight-san reached the highest level!?
420        Banana-san probably hasn't reached it, from that I kind of understand lol
426        >>420
Purple and Yellow almost certainly haven't reached it.
When you become Level 10 and beat the game, it uninstalls all your BL, so if they've reached the highest level...
They probably wouldn't be spouting all sorts of nonsense

421        Metatron all of a sudden aged 500 years ROFLMAO
If they beat all the Four Divinities like this, they'll definitely be way too gdlk and be called cheaters
425        >>421
No, if someone else didn't do it and got some kind of item, the balance would be ruined.
I mean, if you met the Divinity in the Impulse's dungeon, wouldn't you get a sword?
Give that one to Taku...
432        >>425
Taku would probably go "What an amazing sword! This is (etc)" and start explaining it, and then it would be given to someone else instead. I get it.
439        >>425
Taku: "I obtained the Ice Sword, my desire!"
443        >>439
Vice: "I will take that even if I have to kill you."

423        Finished reading.
I am idly wondering what Rui will be doing in the next book on.
Also, Crow was the only one that the Black King and the others led, so I think they're thinking too highly
Of course the main character gets praise, but the only one who praised Pile like that was Rui
I've started to *actually* think Meta-ko should be the heroine
I really wish Ash-san would stop with the "NN-iri" but it looks like he will be invited in
Chiyu's boobs on the front cover didn't even look like boobs, what's going on
Avo-chan is so rolly and cute

430        From what Metatron said it seems like the Four Divinities and the Four Gods are at odds with each other,
but weren't they both created by BB's developer?
I feel like the Four Gods belong to a completely different group
442        >>430
Maybe the Imperial Castle was there from the start and BB and the others were made to conquer it or something
447        >>442
I dunno what's in the Imperial Castle
But I think maybe Azure Heir and the Seven Arcs might be the key.
Thinking about why there were three Arcs in there at all and why Azure Heir is even there
434        I kind of thought for a sec that the Four Gods might be some sort of defensive AI in the Social Camera's central server

448        Feels like the main heroine has become Mossaki and Meta-ko
Niko, Rin, and Chiyu are just sub-heroines
Master, Uiui, Akira-san, and Myaa are the ones who watch from afar with too much presence
Taku is the waifu, Rinta is the big brother, Sabe is the underclassman, and Reed is the little brother
I wonder how Graph-san will fit in...?

449        When I saw the last illustration of Meta-ko san, I was like, were her breasts always this emphasized?
But I feel like on the cover of 15 she didn't have much in that front section.
I guess this is what it means to "open your heart"?

466        I wonder if White Cosmos's real world form wants to see dreams of butterflies... that's way too chuunibyou
Also, I think maybe FTL was "that thing" from the Arishizeishon project... [this is referring to SAO, which I'm not familiar with at all]
469        >>466
The time they spent, and the volume of particle circuits, if it goes way over reality,
I do kind of feel like it wouldn't be like that
471        >>466
Well, if you spend time in the accelerated world, that's already above and beyond a normal life, so it might only be natural that your head gets a little weird like that.
If you do something like use the accelerated world to learn Russian, like in Magisa, you can learn as much as you want.
Since you'd have a lot more in your head than reality.

477        That was interesting!
I finished reading as I was falling asleep.
It was definitely interesting.
I'm so glad Niko didn't die.
478        Just when I thought that it would be a bitter end with saying good-bye to Meta-ko-san instead of Niko retiring...
Can't use the enhanced armaments, but with Fairy-san's position, it looks pretty sittable from here on

479        Time to start hoping that 17 will be the Graphite Edge arc.

517        Mossaki gonna have her true heroine seat stolen by a bird-brained busty lady.
Might not mean much now, but I think Metatron-sama would have been better off as a guy