Here's some general stuff.


  1. The Armor blows up the school with its cannon
  2. Kuroyukihime is attacked by the last remaining strength of the ISS Kit
  3. The ISS Kit is deactivated
  4. Kuroyukhime's group heads for Haruyuki's group
  5. Haruyuki achieves the next level of Acceleration and learns some of the truth behind BB's world
  6. The Armor is defeated and Metatron is destroyed
  7. 3/4 Enhanced Armaments from the Armor are returned to Scarlet Rain
  8. White Comsos appears to everyone
  9. Metatron is revived


We learned some more about colors and color selection today. Previously, during the Calamity Armor arc, Takumu had a theory that red colors are for people whose desires and scars are focused on the world, and blue is for people whose emotions are directed at a single thing.

However, this book reveals that it has to do with the fundamental desire held by the Burst Linker:

  • Blue: The desire for strength to overcome obstacles
  • Red: The desire for strength to reach distant places
  • Green: The desire for strength to protect others
  • Metal: The desire for walls to protect one's heart

One desires are likely brought about by one's scars, too.

When you look at it this way, you can see that Blood Leopard makes perfect sense as a red Avatar - animals naturally have the power to reach further distances more quickly.

You can also kind of surmise that Yellow, a combination of Red and Green (on the RBG color wheel), would be a combination of those desires - by using things like status effects, jamming, etc, they can keep allies safe from afar. Purple is made from Blue and Red, so that could be a combination of those desires as well.

Avatar Creation Nightmare

It was revealed that this nightmare isn't the Brain Burst program feeding information, but the person feeding information into it. The color is apparently based on the person's fundamental desire, which is itself born from their scars.

The noun portion of the name, though, is still up in the air. We've only seen two creation nightmares - Haruyuki's and Lilya's - and while it sort of makes sense what nouns they got, details are still unknown. You can see trends in certain colors, though - for example, Blue colored avatars tend to have names of weaponry.

The Seven Arks

All seven Arks are now accounted for:

Alpha - #1 - The Impulse - Greatsword, possessed by Blue Knight, won in one of the Four Dungeons

Beta - #2 - The Tempest - Scepter, possessed by Purple Thorn, won in one of the Four Dungeons

Gamma - #3 - The Strife - Shield, possessed by Green Grandee, won in one of the Four Dungeons

Delta - #4 - The Luminary - Crown, corrupted by the Acceleration Research Society and later destroyed

Epsilon - #5 - The Destiny - Armor, formerly possessed by Chrome Falcon, found in the Imperial Castle, corrupted by the Acceleration Research Society, now permanently sealed away

Zeta - #6 - The Infinity - Chokuto, possessed by Azure Heir, found in the Imperial Castle

Eta - #7 - The Fluctuating Light - ???, located in the Shrine of the Eight Gods in the Imperial Castle, possible end condition of Brain Burst

Scarlet Rain's Enhanced Armaments

We know a little more about how these work now.

She has her gun, which is probably an Enhanced Armament, but I don't know the name.

Then she has Invincible - a combat frame based on the Cockpit Block. As long as the Cockpit Block exists, she can summon Invincible. On the Cockpit Block, she has the Main Cannon, the Thruster Unit, and the Missile Pods.

However, in the past, the Invincible was described as being made up of the Peacemaker, Quad Vulcans, Missile Pods, and the Twin Cannons. This seems to contradict this book - it does say she only has four, and that the Missile Pods were the only one not stolen (I think...?)



Previously we learned that Metatron referred to the normal Duel stages as the "lowest" world. This time we learn that there is a level above the Unlimited Neutral Field, called the Highest Level, where you accelerate much further. It appears completely black, possibly due to the fact that you're accelerating so fast light can't catch up, but probably not since it's all a virtual world. It seems that a vast amount of Incarnate energy is required to get here, and then more is required to "see".

From the Highest Level, one can see all active Burst Linkers in the Mean Level (the Unlimited Neutral Field), as well as all Enemies (properly called Beings) and Portals.

It's possible that Green Grandee has been to this level in the past.


Properly called Beings. At least one, Metatron, one of the Four Holies, has achieved a sort of sentience. It is unknown how. There may be others who have achieved sentience as well, such as (Ama)terasu, implied in the final chapter of the book.

The enemy classes, by the way, are as follows (in order of strength):

  • Lesser-class
  • Wild-class
  • Beast-class
  • Legend-class: Includes the Four Divinities, the bosses of the Four Great Dungeons. Unknown if there are more than those four
  • The Four Gods: Suzaku, Seiryuu, Genbu, and Byakko, guardians of the Imperial Castle. Higher than God-class.
  • The Eight Gods?: A possible higher rank than the Four Gods, who reside in the Shrine of the Eight Gods in the innermost chamber of the Imperial Castle


(From Magisa Garden)

Aside from the Four Great Dungeons, there is also a dungeon in Ikebukuro which appears to give Quests to players. For example, a group of four Burst Linkers can go there to take on the Legion Quest to form a Legion. There are implied to be other quests you can take, but they may just be simple things like slaying monsters.

No other dungeons have ever been mentioned though.

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