Well, this is my first blog post on this wiki(a).  Just so you know, this post are about some things in the back of my mind, at the moment, with Accel World and other things relating to it like the voice actors/actresses of the characters in the anime series for example.

First off: Are the Accel World Specials, that happen to be based on (some parts of) "Acchel World" gag series, really included when buying either DVD and Blu-ray sets or is it exclusive on Blu-ray sets?  I honestly wanted to see how the specials are with the english dub cast.

Next: As for the whole "want a season two" situation I've been hearing about, I, myself, do want to see how the characters' exploits based on Volumes 5 to 8 of the light novel being animated.  I recently heard about how in Japan, a time slot is very precious for a production studio and it would be hard to gain a time slot in order to broadcast anime and other kinds of JPN tv shows, movies and specials that are out there, just like here in the USA and countless other places in the entire world.  

Then: Even if there are a lot of request for season 2, the studio that would work on it would need a production budget in order to pay for supplies and the staffs that are working on it, (probably) Kawahara's approval, re-hiring the characters' existing voice actors/actresses to reprise their roles and bring in some new actors and actresses for the new characters of that point in the story.  I'm not "pro" about this but I can see (and feel) how hard things would be if I were in there shoes.

Lastly: Hope that this isn't too bizarre but for some reason, as a "for fun" thing, I kept thinking about the Captian Falcon jokes and quotes from being applied on Chrome Falcon.  Even going as far as having him use the "Falcon Punch "and "The Knee (of Justice) " on a few of his opponents.  lol

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